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Skull Sneakers

Buying Skull Sneakers? Anything You Need To Know

This is time when teens can own a sneaker reselling business worth approx a million dollars, and there are conventions where you can easily find the best pairs that can retail thousands of dollars!

Whether you are selecting skull sneakers for brunch or running, it is essential to select a pair that suits and fits well and also makes you feel comfortable and good. When selecting skull sneakersfor exercise, go to a store which has sports-specialty and connect with the most knowledgeable store associates. If you are choosing casual sneakers then focus your search on patterns, designs, and colors that catch your eye. 

Skull sneaker collectors must buy from reputable sources and always keep their shoes looking new and shiny for the best resale value. So, if you are going to buy new pair of skull sneaker then check out this ultimate buying guide and purchase the best. 

Skull Sneaker For Women

This guide is not only “A guide of Hypebeast to buy the hyped sneakers of all time” (a “hypebeast” is only bought and wears what hyped up) but it is really meant to help those people who are:

– Looking to outset their own collection of sneaker

– Thinking of purchasing or upgrading the first pair of “kicks” (sneakers)

– Need help in understanding the lingo and culture behind collecting sneakers.

Types of sneakers

If you are going to buy a pair of skull shoes the first time then you need to know the different types of shoes which are available in the market.

1. Runners


Runners blur the line between lifestyle sneakers and running shoes. And probably you have seen them on the feet of everyone from teenage girls to working mums. It is one of the best skull shoes for womens. They are the part of the fashion industry called as athleisure aesthetic (they are the clothing designed for athletic activities and workouts that can be worn in other settings, especially for leisure or casual purposes). Some of the brands or companies doing this are Adidas, Nike, and Underarmour. The best things about runners are that they are usually more comfortable, more functional in design, and are priced within reach of most individuals. 

2. Basketball Sneakers

Basketball Sneakers

Nowadays, basketball shoes are designed to keep you fresh and cool both on and off the court. Usually, they packaged with some newfangled technology (Adiprene, Air, Flywire, Boost, Foamposite, HOVR, Formotion, React, Primeknit, etc.) and may come in somewhat outlandish colors.  

Usually, the best ones are signature shoes that associated with the big-name NBA athletes such as LeBron James, Derrick Rose, Kyrie Irving, Kobe Bryant, and Stephen Curry, just to name a few. Here I am talking about the shoes which are specially made for players only.  

These shoes are mostly liked by athletes and are sold to the public. These sneakers are usually come in a top-high design and are fitted more snug because it is made from knit-like materials which are used as the “upper” of the shoe.  

3. Retro Vintage

Retro Vintage Sneaker

This sneaker hugely falls in two subcategories: The basketball sneaker and the runner.

With Retro runners, you can find the athletic brands like Nike and Adidas that design ever-popular models. One of the most renowned examples of the Retro Vintage basketball sneaker is a line of basketball shoes of Michael Jordan, aka “Jordans”. He might not be playing anymore but still, everybody wants “Be Like Mike” (the tagline).

However, there is a small difference between an “OG” and a Retro Vintage, and it hugely comes down to price and quality. So, if you are just starting out, I highly recommend dropping that kind of money on a pair of shoes.

Also, there are many other types of sneakers that are not included in these two categories such as classic superstar “Sheltoes” by the “brand with the three stripes” or the actually made-for-tennis Reebok Club C. These are one of the best skull tennis shoes available in the market.

4. Minimalist

One of the dominant pieces of footwear that everyone should have is a minimalist sneaker. Typically, these are clean or simple in appearance and they come in one solid color (generally grey, black, or white) and can be worn with anything in your wardrobe.

Evergreen rules for buying skull sneakers

By keeping all information in mind, below listed are some evergreen rules to help and compliment you for making a smarter decision when it comes to purchasing sneakers.

1. Don’t follow trends: As with anything related to fashion, there are bound to be trends.

As first, it was a minimalist sneaker; the other was the return of retros in which brands digging out their archives to fetch back models from the past with the updating infusing old designs and colorways with new and unique technologies.

Perhaps, you may never keep up with the trends of sneakers, and even if you do so, you might not feel all these various styles or be able to rock these kicks.

2. Always buy what you like: Always do a favor to yourself and your wallet and try to stop purchasing what everyone else is purchasing, as you will end up looking like a hypebeast.

Keep in mind that you do not have to purchase into the hype if you do not like the sneaker.

Always wear what you like, and who knows. You just spark off in a new and trendy sneaker.

3. Set a budget and stick to it: Anyone doesn’t want to be a person who goes broke after expending all money on shoes. So, try to set and budget and stick on it, avoid throwing all money on shoes.4. Take care of your sneakers: It is always nice to rock in a new pair of sneakers but it is also necessary to take care of them if you want them to look “box fresh”.   

Skull Sneakers

Advises on choosing skull sneakers?

Material plays an important part when buying online as you can’t touch and feel the product yourself. We always include the correct info for you to refer and clarify the questions. Colors of sugar skull shoes are sometimes may differ from the picture due to lighting and monitor, but the final end products when delivered to customers are still as expected. Sizing is also worth to be noticed. Always double check the size chart as the measurement system are different countries from countries and factories to factories.

Buying a skull sneakers from us? Why not?

Skull has been applied more and more in fashion and many of celebrities now are wearing them as the statement in their style. Wearing a skull shoes mens is not only the way to show that you have the style, but also to declare who you are. We received many feedbacks from customers who said that they got many compliments when wearing skull products because of its unique designs.With many years of experience in this field, we are confident that our product and customer service is top notch and you can safely order here without hassles. Some of main product lines are produced in-house too so that’s why we have the best prices on the market. If you have any problem with your order, you can contact us within 24 hours to get it fixed as soon as possible. Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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