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Skull Scarf

Buying A Skull Scarf – Anything You Need To Know

Wearing a scarf is the perfect way to stay warm and snug during winter. It is also a versatile fashion accessory. However, drowning yourself in layers of wool or fabric is neither stylish or flattering. So, you can choose trendiest scarves that can make you stylish and beautiful. 

Like any other scarves, you can rock in the skull scarf in whatever style you want. A skull scarf, whether it’s from or something from other collections will always give an edgy and dark vibe that is more like goth and punk than feminine and sweet.

Buying guide for skull scarf

There are various types or colors of scarves on the market. Try adorning yourself with those skull infinity scarves that you can wear through all season whether it’s sunny or rainy. You can try mix and match silk skull scarf with the printed and plain alluring effect. Check out some of our printed scarves that can make a success story out of every outfit.

silk skull scarf
cashmere skull scarf

These skull print scarves are available in a huge range of designs: stripes, floral, skull marks, skull face scarf, etc. 
As the scarf is the accessory that frames your face so, you must have to pay extra attention to details. It can make or spoil your day, so take special care of the thickness and scale of your scarf according to your body type. 

1. Determine what sex the scarf is designed for

There are a variety of scarves available for both men and women. But to choose which is for men and which is suitable for women can be a daunting task. Here are some points related to scarves that can distinguish between men skull scarf and women skull scarf

  • If you find the scarf with bright pink, animal print, electric blue, juicy magenta, etc. are mostly liked by women, they are probably not for men. 
  • Men may not be not fond of wearing scarves with pins. So if you find scarves with a pin or is advertised to be worn with a scarf pin then you can definitely pick it for your female dear ones. 
  • Scarves that could double as a blanket or large knitted scarves are for women. 

2. Color/Material

Typically, scarves are made from either angora, wool, silk, cotton, cashmere, linen, synthetic materials or a combination. The weave is important because bulky scarves having thick yarns and need simple knots and are not as practical. Scarves for winter require to stick with napped fabrics with the soft surface, you can go with the wool or skull cashmere scarf. For the weather protective scarf, lightweight cotton or linen scarves are great to use. 
If we are talking about colors then try neutral color first such as black skull scarf, beige scarf so you can carry it confidently on any outfit. You can also go with a splash of bright colors, it can draw attention away from the actual garment. The bright shade of yellow and orange shows of glorious summer. 

3. Length

Size of the scarf matters a lot to match our style statement. The length of the scarf should be from 50 to 90 inches, and width should be from 6 to 14 inches. An average height of a person requires the scarf of at least 60 inches and a larger person must look for one in the range of 70 inches. 

4. Look for reviews from verified purchasers

Below are some of the reviews from our happy customers: 

“I loved the scarf for her but I need to see her wearing it to give the actual rating for this item. I liked it because it has color. My daughter knew what kind of skulls they were. I was very surprised of that. Thanks!” – Cheri M.

“I got this skull scarf today in the mail and it’s beautiful, looks just like the picture, it’s very well made and it’s long so you can do a lot of looks with it. I highly recommend this.” – Chris

“Lightweight and colourful! Perfect for fall-winter or even spring! I love all my scarves but this skull scarf is my new favourite, the colourful skulls match all colours so I don’t have to worry about it matching anything!” – Adam 

“I bought this as a gift for my daughter-in-law since she really likes sugar skulls. The scarf has a nice texture and the colors are beautiful against the black. She loves it!”- Marry

How to wear skull scarf – do’s and don’ts

Take a flattering and timeless reach to skull scarf style by following a few stylish do’s and don’ts:

– Opt for timeless ways and styles to carry a scarf. 
– Select a tonal look. Always match the color of your scarf with your outfit. It will help in ‘de-bulk’ and streamline your look. 
– Consider how scarf will add to your ensemble, instead of overpowering it. 
– If you are going to make your scarf the focal point of the outfit, i.e. bright color or a pattern, keep the base of only one color. For an instance, if your scarf is of bright red color then a black ensemble give contrast look beautifully. 
– Carry the scarf with hair in an updo or with a classic ponytail. 
– Select those colors that compliment your skin tone, eye and hair color. 
– You can follow the style statement of celebrities who have a great scarf style. Some of the favorite celebs are Jennifer Aniston, Claudia Schiffer, Sarah Jessica Parker. 

– Avoid wearing a scarf that is small in size. Wear those who adds bulk and overwhelm your outfit and face. 
– Don’t over accessorise yourself. Keep the jewelry as minimum as it can be and let the scarf be the main. 
– Wrap or tie the scarf haphazardly. Keep its folds simple and neat and ties it far more flattering and stylish. 
– Select clashing colors and prints. Leave it like a street-stylers. 

Guidelines of wearing a scarf with style

Whether it’s rain or shine, carry a lightweight fashion scarf around your neck. It will instantly give the fantastic look to your outfit and takes it to the next level. You can wear the scarf with the combo of tee and jeans. If you need something to put over your seductive shoulders that can add an edge then you can try a perfectly tied scarf. 

Generally, scarves are a great way to experiment with new patterns and colors without any commitment to in-your-face hues and all-over prints. Below are some general rules of wearing a scarf with style.

  • Always keep the scarf simple and tie the knots if you are comfortable. 
  • Try to keep the scarf loose it is not a necktie. 
  • Remember that the thickness and length of the scarf limit the knot style options. 
  • Always keep your functions or events first priority and fashion second and wear only those things in which you feel confident and comfortable. 

If you don’t have the trendiest skull scarf in your closet then grab it from our skull scarf collection here. It has the legendary and popular items that are loved by thousands of shoppers  

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