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Skull Bracelets

Buying A Skull Bracelet – Anything You Need To Know

People love to wear beautifully crafted skull bracelets and rings in order to look stylish and chic. These skull jewelry has become more and more popular since Victorian age. Now even the most famous celebrities including Keith Richard, Johnny Depp, Billy Gibbons and a lots of rock stars are obsessed with wearing skull bracelets and rings. 
You may have had some ideas for a skull bracelet that you would love but please wait, don’t pick a random bracelet without considering these 4 most important factors below. They are proven guides that would definitely bring your style to next level. 

1. Choose the skull bracelet based on styles

Skull bracelet styles for men

Skull bracelets for men vary in size, width, length, and tone. The one with a darker and richer tone is recommended. If you choose a thick bracelet, it would be easier for you to pair it up with other items to give you a refined look.

Men’s beaded skull bracelets

If you want a very diverse look, choose beaded skull bracelets. Beautifully embedded small beads on your skull bracelet will give you a better look. Do not choose skull bracelet with bigger bead, because it looks chaotic. 
You can wear it with your favorite t-shirt and help yourself look classy. 

skull beaded bracelet
Men’s leather skull bracelet

Artistically designed men’s leather skull bracelets embody a masculine elegance. These bracelets do not only feel great but they also look great whilst giving a unique impression to the onlooker. Certainly the vintage look of the product will not lose its charm over time. These finest black skull bracelets are everybody’s choice.

leather skull bracelet
Men’s anchor skull bracelet

Apart from leather skull bracelet,anchor skull bracelets are a perfect choice that brings the small elements aura. They subtly bring the marine aura to your outfit styling. The colors are usually cobalt blue, grass green and red, which outstand if the anchor has a silver finish. Pair it up with your favorite tee and the khaki pant to look chic. 

Skull bracelet styles for women

Women may love skull bracelets more than men does. The skull bracelets for women give a feminine look. There are so many beautifully designed skull bracelets available for women that you will have a hard time choosing the best one for you. 

Skull charm bracelet

The skull charm bracelet will look perfect with your favorite pair of jeans and tee. The bracelet is so pretty that once you have it you will buy it over again. It usually has two rings. No matter whether your wrist is a little thicker or the smart it will good fit and will look totally gorgeous.

skull charm bracelet
Skull head bracelet

This is one of the most elegant items you can have to wear on your special days. It is easy to wear and handle. The maze patterns on the skull head bracelet are beautifully crafted with much care. Whether you want to gift it to your best friend or choose it for yourself, get the skull head bracelet without giving a second thought. 

2. Choose the skull bracelet based on size of the wrists

Measuring your wrist and choosing the right sized skull bracelet

The first and foremost thing is to measure your wrist size, which will help you avoid unnecessary costs. Put your hand around your wrist. If your thumb and your index finger overlap, it means that you have a small sized wrist, but if they join at a single point your wrist size is medium. However, if there is space between your index finger and the thumb it means that you have a large sized wrist.

When choosing your skull bracelet, always opt for the size which is opposite to your wrist size i.e choose a small sized skull bracelet if you have a large wrist and vice versa. 

Skull bracelets for men with large wrists

If you have a medium to the large wrist, choose a slim and smart skull bracelet. Opting for a heavy and broad skull bracelet will look a little messy. 

Skull bracelets for men with small wrists

A broad and dark colored skull bracelet will go perfectly with small size writs. The role of your bracelet is to improve your overall look so if you have a small wrist, it will look bolder with thick bracelets. 

You can also choose a large-sized beaded skull bracelet with your favorite stone.

multi-colored skull bracelet

Skull bracelets for women with large wrists

Never choose a thick skull bracelet if you have a slim wrist. It will increase the broadness of your wrist further which will look too bulky. Instead, choose a slim and delicate metal or silver skull bracelet which will glorify the beauty of your wrist. 
Do not choose bracelets with large beads like prayers bead or mala beads. 

Skull bracelets for women with small wrists

If you have a small and thin wrist, choose between wide, bold and chunky skull bracelet. You can opt for large rounded bracelets with prayer beads and mala beads. 

3. Choose the skull bracelet based on colors/ materials

Once you are able to choose the best-sized bracelet, make sure its color is in coherence with your outfit. Below is an outline of how you can actually choose the best colors for your bracelet. 

Multi-colored skull bracelet

Choosing creatively designed multi-colored skull brackets can help you enhance your outfit a little further. Here is why you should choose a multi-colored skull bracelet

  1. A multicolored bracelet having skull beads and the black thread can go with any of the outfits. 
  2. You can choose wearing it for any of the event particularly, the day of the dead or Halloween. 
  3. You always have a variety of options available. If you are an autumn fanatic, opt for orange colored beads bracelet if you love autumn themed skull bracelets.

Silver skull bracelet

Below are the three reasons why you should choose a silver skull bracelet

  1. Silver skull bracelet is all time popular bracelets. 
  2. It adds an aesthetic look without being too gaudy. 
  3. Those who have a richer skin tone can choose a silver skull bracelet as it accentuates simply and subtly. 

Stainless steel skull bracelets

Stainless steel contains material that is resistant to corrosion. The material elements include niobium, titanium, nickel, and chromium. At least an 11% chromium is used in stainless steel to make sure it does not corrode. 

stainless steel skull bracelet

They attribute extensively to precise details. The stainless steel skull bracelets bring out fashion very distinctively. You can wear the stainless steel bracelets to streamline your style at an official or casual event. As compared to the other jewelry, stainless steel bracelets last longer and they do not oxidize or tarnish. They are resistant to wear and tear, corrosion and rust. The hypoallergenic characteristic of the stainless steel bracelet makes it popular than rest of all other items. 

Black skull bracelet

  1. The well coated, shinning and true colored black skull bracelet always standout. 
  2. You can easily opt for another thin bracelet or your favorite watch along with it. 
  3. It is a perfect way to add a little darker edge to your outfit. This bracelet looks very elegant with a fair tone skin and you can adjust with any sort of outfit you want. 

4. Look for reviews from verified purchasers

Today, whereas every customer is worried to make a purchase online due to the higher risk of fraud involved, skull bracelets can be purchased from verified sources. Below are the reviews of verified purchasers from our website that will help you make a decision when purchasing your first even skull bracelet.

“I was worried that the stones would be different or “cheap” looking. However, they are just as expected and the skull bracelet is absolutely beautiful!” – Rachael Bradshaw

“This bracelet is outstanding! Everyone comments well I am wearing it. I have had it on for over a week at a time and no problems at all. Holds up like all my other stainless steel jewelry. I have a bigger wrist and no problem at all with the fit. I love it so much I am going to order another one to have a spare just in case.” – Steve Johnson

“Great quality for the price, love it. The bracelet could be slightly smaller for me (6’3, 175 lbs) but it works. I assume that it could be small for someone with large wrists but I definitely have room.” – Andrew

Why people love to wear the skull bracelets

People love to wear skull bracelets for a number of reasons. The first and the foremost reason is that a skull is the most powerful symbol to mankind. Whereas men have chosen the skull jewelry in order to support the masculinity, others associate it with deeper reasons. 

People often love to look insanely cool and others wear it due to their rituals. Among skull jewelry, skull bracelets are the versatile pieces. You can choose the best skull bracelets from a huge stock available here. 

Once you are able to get the best skull bracelet you will never find yourself short of epic reasons to choose it.

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