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Skull Bedding

Buying A Skull Bedding, Anything You Need To Know

Selecting the perfect skull bedding can be overwhelming, but it can ease your stress when you know what you want before heading to the store. The right bedding can provide you comfortable and better sleep at night that you ensure you awaken feeling revitalised, refreshed and ready for the new day ahead. Though, with so many options it can be difficult to decide from where to begin. 

So, have a look at this 5-essential-step guide to purchasing a suitable skull bedding that can help you in making the right selections that suits your needs and personality.

1. Pick the sheets that will fit your mattress

First, you have to search out the size that you need to purchase by checking the tag on the mattress. King and Queen are the popular bedding sets, while California King and Full are a bit rarer. You can also find Twin bedding sets that are usually made for single-person beds. Make sure to look for the fitted skull sheets that are deep enough to get fit over the mattress and can take its thickness into consideration.

skull floral bedding

A sheet is available in the following sizes:

  • Full: 54X75” 
  • Queen: 60X80”
  • King: 76X80” 

2. Choose the right material

The performance and feel of a skull bedding set depend a lot on the material used in it. The quality and type of fabric you select will affect how comfortable you are when you sleep, so always pick prudently; 

  • Cotton: Cotton or blends of cotton that are the most recommended choice. It is the most popular material for both skull comforter shells and sheets because it is soft and natural. It is commonly known for its breathability.  

  • Flannel: It can be made from wool, cotton or synthetic fibers and is popular for its warmth and softness. It is recommended to look for heavier weight and a high-quality flannel to avoid pilling. 
skull on fire bedding
  • Linen: It is a luxurious material which is made up of fibers of the flax plant as the fibers are hollow, the linen is good at promoting airflow and dampness

  • Silk: Silk is one of the expensive materials but most people love it for its luxurious and cool feel. It is excellent at regulating temperature and is also naturally hypoallergenic.

  • Bamboo Rayon: Bamboo gives a silky and plush feeling and it is also hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. It is thermoregulating and good for those who like to sleep hot. 

  • Microfibre/Polyester: Polyester is made from synthetic materials and it is durable as well as moisture and stain resistant. It is a type of polyester with ultra-thin fibers that why it is softer. 

3. Decide on a theme and style of your sheet

The bedding one of the first things that people notice when they enter into your bedroom so chooses the bedding that matches with your tastes. There are various designs and prints of skull bedding available that can perfectly match with your taste such as sugar skull, skull and bones, skull and roses bedding . If you want to make an impression, pick bold colors and if you rather want to display understated bedding, select cool and muted colors like grey or dark blue.

4. Select a comforter that matches your sheets

Select the sugar skull comforter that matches with the style and theme that your bedroom express. For an instance, if you live in a warm climate then choose a lightweight comforter. As heavy, thick comforters are ideal for cold climates.

5. Looking for Reviews

When you are going to shop anything online first check the reviews of other people about that particular product. Through it, you will get additional information about how that stuff is actually after purchasing it. Below are some of the reviews from our customers at 

“I’m a huge skull fanatic! Very nice looking. The material is nice and smooth. My only concerns with this skull comforter set queen are that it is kind of small for a full-size bed. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a little bit of the comforter that hangs over the sides of the bed, but not as much as other standard full-size comforters. If you like to be wrapped tight or are tall, I would suggest getting the next size up. The material is also a little bit thinner than normal comforters. I don’t have a problem with this, but people that tend to be cold easily probably would. Be cautious – the material also rips easily. When I was taking the tags off, a little bit of the material ripped on the side (mainly my fault) but nothing a safety pin couldn’t fix. All in all, I love this comforter! And the bed skirt and the shams add a nice finishing touch.” – Kimmi

“Washing: It’s fine. Wash it in cold. And tumble dry it. Mine has been totally fine and I’ve washed it a few times now.”- Amber

“My daughter loves this skull comforter set king. So much so that when her aunt’s dog tore hers up I had to order her another the exact same. Angela

We hope our buying guide for luxury skull bedding has cleared any of your questions that you might have had. We want to ensure that you are able to make your selection with complete confidence, so if there is anything else that you would like to know, please let us know. We will happy to help you. 

skull and crossbone bedding

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